Under 22 second club

Anything less than 22 seconds up Rob Roy is a seriously quick time!
This page honours the handful of drivers who have achieved this feat, along with the car they did it in, and what type of event.

The first member of this club was Leo Bates, who set a new track record of 21.91 seconds in 1995 driving his Lobito F3.
Paula Elstrek lowered this record to 21.57 seconds in 1996, driving a Pirahna open wheeler.
That record stood for eight years, until broken by Andrew Howell in 2004, in a Pilbeam MP82 at 19.06 seconds.

1995: Leo Bates - Lobito F3

1996: Paula Elstrek - Pirahna

2004: Andrew Howell - Pilbeam MP82

  • VHC: Victorian Hillclimb Championship
  • Club Challenge: MGCC Inter Club Challenge.
  • Historic: MGCC Classic and Historic Hillclimb

Under 18 seconds

Time Driver Car Date Event
17.30 Andrew Howell Gould GR55B 1 Feb 2009 VHC

Under 19 seconds

Time Driver Car Date Event
18.43 Brett Hayward Hayward 09 1 Feb 2009 VHC
18.72Mike BarkerHayward 067 Mar 2021Club Challenge

Under 20 seconds

Time Driver Car Date Event
19.09Rod MoodyCheetah Mk VII28 Feb 2010VHC
19.30Peter GumleySCV21 Mar 2004VHC
19.47David MahonDallara Hayabusa F39417 Jan 2021VHC
19.53Greg AcklandNinja GA81 Feb 2009VHC
19.89Alan FoleyTalbot RF19 Feb 2006VHC
19.90Garry MartinMartin A1622 Jan 2017VHC

Under 21 seconds

Time Driver Car Date Event
20.08Peter WeichardDallara  F39422 Jan 2017VHC
20.30Mirko GrbicMitshibishi Evo720 Mar 2022Club Challenge
20.40 Kevin Mackrell Datsun 260Z 18 Sep 2011 VHC
20.56Scott ThompsonPirahna28 Feb 2010VHC

Under 22 seconds

Time Driver Car Date Event
21.12Keith WilsonNinja BH12 Mar 2014VHC
21.12 Bruce Minahan Hayward 07 5 May 2013 VHC
21.14David PfeifferTalbot 18421 Jan 2018VHC
21.28 Peter Minahan Hayward 07 5 May 2013 VHC
21.32Graham AlexanderMitubishi Evo19 Feb 2006VHC
21.32Michael BishopHayward 1920 Jan 2019VHC
21.40Garry KentGAK19 Feb 2006VHC
21.57Paula ElstrekPirahna25 Feb 1996Historic
21.60 Andrew Mizzi GAK Martin 5 May 2015 VHC
21.67Darren VisserBates Cyclo19 Nov 2023Historic
21.70 David Bell Subaru WRX 1 Sep 2013 Club Challenge
21.82Stephen RileySuzuki10 Feb 2002VHC
21.85Daniel LeitnerSubaru WRX17 Jan 2021VHC
21.88Brenton ByfieldSubaru WRX Sports Wagon17 Jan 2021VHC
21.91Leo BatesLobito F326 Feb 1995Historic
21.94Kym HolnessSubaru WRX21 Mar 2004VHC
21.97Rick SimmonsNissan GTR25 Feb 1996Historic

Fastest three cars ever at Rob Roy:

2009 Andrew Howell - Gould GR55B

2009 Brett Hayward - Hayward 09

2021 Mike Barker - Hayward 06

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