2023 Site Improvements

What’s new at Rob Roy?

No hillclimb events were run at Rob Roy from June 2022 until March 2023 while extensive improvements were done to the facilities.
These took much longer than originally planned due to the extremely wet weather experienced around Victoria in the second half of 2022, and many Town Planning requirements.

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Track resurfaced

The hillclimb track has been re-asphalted using a special motorsport mix.
This includes a flattening of the transition to the hill at the end of the causeway, where some cars scraped their sumps.

New chicane

A new feature has been added to the left of the track between Turn 2 and Turn 3.
The original track layout has been retained, so the extra chicane can be included or bypassed.

Improved finish line

The braking area after the finish line has been widened so cars can do a U-turn into the return road without putting any tyres off the sealed surface.

New return road

The entire return road has been sealed, and no longer uses any of the competition surface.

A new concrete road alongside the causeway brings cars straight back to the pit area.

New tyre cleaning area

Rather than using the first twenty-five metres of the competition surface, competitors can clean their tyres on a purpose built concrete tyre cleaning pad on the approach to the start line.

New start line procedures

Dual light beams and new traffic lights let drivers see when they are correctly positioned right before the start line.

Internal roads sealed

Most roads for moving competition cars around the site have been sealed, and the main access road into the property is now sealed all the way from the entrance gate at Clintons Road.

Parking area levelled

Extensive earthworks have created a large flat area on the old parking hill. This has only just been completed, so will need 12 months to regain a grass covering.

New spectator seating

Tiered aluminium seating has been installed at three locations:
1.    Just after the start line, right of the track, adjacent to the pit area.
2.    Just after the timing hut, left of the track. New Armco has been installed in front of these seats.
3.    At the existing turn 2 spectator area.

Improved Spectator Access to Turn 2 Viewing Area

To aid accessibility to the Turn 2 spectator area a new route has been provided, which follows the new return road causeway crossing and then connects to the existing pedestrian crossing across the return road.

Expanded Octundas

The existing “Octunda” has more than tripled in size, with the addition of two more Octundas, and a covered area between them.
Additional concrete paving has been added to aid circulation, with tiers for spectator viewing.
Landscaping of the surrounding banks with indigenous native plants has also been added. 

Improved picnic area

Aluminium tables and seats have been installed under the “Old Oak tree”, with landscaping to create level areas for them.

Toilet Upgrades

A new baby change table has been installed in the unisex toilet.
Concrete paving has been provided to improve access to both the Male and Female Toilets
The toilet blocks are now supplied from (clean) rainwater rather than dam water.

Electrical and Data Infrastructure

Underground conduits have been installed between the Generator Shed, Octundas, First Aid Hut and the Scrutineering Shed, to allow for future reticulation of Power and Data.