Run Procedure
  • Classes are called up in order over the Public Address system.
  • Drive clockwise around the scrutineering bay to enter the Marshalling area.
  • The marshalling officials will direct you into one of three queues.
  • Make sure your helmet and belts are secured before you reach the head of the queue!

Staging Procedure - no tyre cleaning

  • Drive slowly up to the start line, staying to the right of the white line between the track and the starters hut.
  • Stop as soon as the Yellow traffic light comes on.
    (Try not to cross the line too quickly. You will just have to roll back further.)
  • Slowly roll back until the yellow light goes off again, then brake.
  • Wait a moment for the chock to be placed under your back wheel, then you may release your brake, and wait for permission to start.

Staging Procedure - with tyre cleaning

  • Drive slowly up to the start line, staying to the right of the white line between the track and the starters hut.
  • Before reaching the start line, indicate to the starters that you wish to perform a "tyre cleaning" manouver.
    (A circular motion of your hand out the window will do.)
  • Drive slowly over the start line. When you are  past the line, you may do your tyre cleaning on the section of track before the "dummy start" line.
    Do NOT cross the dummy start line. Your run will be void if you do.
  • Do not apply your car's brakes while tyre cleaning.
  • When complete, slowly reverse right back over the start line.
    Take care not to endanger the start officials as you are reversing. Stay to the right of their safety line.
  • Engage first gear, and drive up to the line. Positon yourself as described for "Staging Procedure - no tyre cleaning".

Start Procedure

  • In open cars, make sure your helmet visor is down.
    The starter will NOT give you a green light if your visor is up.
  • Wait for the red light to go out, and the green light to come on.
    Do NOT start if the yellow light comes on. This simply indicates you have crept forward far enough to break the start beam.
  • When the green light does come on, start when you are ready. The clock only starts counting when you cross the start line.

False Start

  • If you have some problem with your car as you start, you may abort your run and have one chance to re-start, so long as you stop before crossing the dummy start line. 
  • In this case, re-stage as for the  "staging Procedure - with tyre cleaning", and wait for another green light.

Red Flag

  • If there is a problem on the track after you start, you may be instructed to abort your run, by red flags waved at turn 1, or a flashing red light on the left of the causeway between turn 1 and turn 2.
  • Immediately back off power. If possible, turn right into the pit area, and return to the marshalling area for a re-run.
  • Otherwise, proceed slowly up the track to the finish line, watching for danger. You will get a re-run on your return.

Finish Procedure

  • Back off, and brake as soon as you cross the finish line.
    There are coloured boards either side of the line, and the track changes from asphalt to concrete in the braking area.
  • If possible, turn right straight into the return road entrance from the braking area.
  • If you cannot slow down quickly enough to do that, complete your braking, then swing left off the braking area to do a U-turn, then drive across the concrete to the return road entrance.
  • Try not to bring too much dirt back onto the braking area. Do NOT attempt to do a three point turn, there is plenty of room to just do a U-turn.
  • Proceed at a slow pace down the return road. Be aware that there is a pedestrian crossing about 3/4 of the way down the road, just after you pass the turn 2 viewing area.
  • Officials at the end of the return road will hold you there until it is safe to proceed back over the causeway.
  • When instructed, please move off promptly to return to the pits, but avoid showering the officials with stones as you take off!

A demonstration of marshaling, staging without tyre cleaning, racing, and returning, is viewable on Youtube here
(This was prepared for the MGCC National Meeting at Rob Roy, but is applicable to most events.)